myZEFER™ offers a whole new way to organize data about your Facility’s assets. Create a FREE account today!

Every facility has assets.  Whether is it HVAC, Electrical, Generators, Process Equipment,  Refrigeration or other systems.  Collecting and Organizing data about these assets is what myZEFER™ does.  myZEFER™ is a Cloud Based Application that provides free tools to easily collect, organize and store important information about your facility.  For a ridiculously small fee, we can print weather proof asset tags with a unit specific QR Code for your assets that include:

  • Asset Name (i.e. EF-3-14
  • Service (North Bathroom Exhaust)
  • Model Number
  • Capacity (i.e. 2400 cfm)
  • Year Installed

There is little doubt that making information available for service, repair or even facility financial planning is an important part of any ongoing facility operation, whether it is a Data Center, Production Facility or a single story office building.  Having ready access to such information can help improve the reliability of your facility.  As an added bonus, using myZEFER™ to improve your facility’s operations can have a impressive impact on your facility’s energy use!

Learn more about how myZEFER™ can improve your facility’s efficient operations at