10 Amazing Things about myZEFER™

By collecting and organizing information about your facility’s assets, you can improve the economical operations in your facility. It’s easy to sign up and and the tools to collect, organize and store your asset information are free! myZEFER™ by IDSYSCOM. If You Only Knew! ®

Knowing and using financial information about the assets in your facility can make you an Facility Operations Rockstar! myZEFER™ can help you use industry’s best practices to establish equipment life-cycle and unit replacement costs and provide it to you in easy to read and organized downloadable reports.

Looking to buy or sell a facility? Understanding the value of a facility, whether it is your home, commercial or industrial real estate makes valuation much more dependable and accurate.

In addition to providing free tools to manage the value of your facility’s assets, myZEFER™  uses this information in a whole host of ways to improve economical operations at your facility or multiple facilities.

This video is the 2nd in a series titled The 10 Amazing Things That myZEFER™ Does. Each of the 10 amazing things helps create dependable operations for any facility large or small. Sign up for your free account today!