“For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned”   -Benjamin Franklin

10 Amazing Things about myZEFER™

By collecting and organizing information about your facility’s assets, you can improve the economical operations in your facility. It’s easy to sign up and and the tools to collect, organize and store your asset information are free! myZEFER™ by IDSYSCOM. If You Only Knew! ®

Information about your facility’s assets is useless unless it is organized and made available in a way that can be accessed and understood. myZEFER™ collects data usually lost or stored in such a way that it is rendered useless by its inaccessibility.

Imagine associating service and repair information, cut sheets, submittals, start-up and test and balance information and making it all available either at your desktop or at the asset itself.

In addition to providing free tools to collect and organize your facility’s assets, myZEFER™ uses this information in a whole host of ways to improve economical operations at your facility or multiple facilities.

This video is the 1st in a series titled The 10 Amazing Things That myZEFER™ Does. Each of the 10 amazing things helps create dependable operations for any facility, but it all starts here. Collecting and Organizing information about your assets.